Wesley Chapel

33678 State Rd 54
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
(813) 328-3958 Monday – Sunday: 8am – 8pm
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Why Bubble Down Wesley Chapel Car Wash

At Bubble Down Wesley Chapel Car Wash, our aim is to make you feel absolutely amazing! With our unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service, reduced wait times, and a superior wash, we ensure that every customer departs fully satisfied every time. Be prepared for a contagious smile on us!

Official Car Wash of the Tampa Bay Lightning and USF Bull

Official Car Wash of the Tampa Bay Lightning and USF Bulls

Bubble Club Packages and Pricing

Emblem for Bestest Wash Package
$30* Single Wash
$45/mo* Bubble Club
*Plus Tax

Unleashing the ultimate, our BESTEST wash stands out with Graphene, the leading protectant and shine enhancer, making it the epitome of excellence. This is the BESTEST wash in town.


+ Everything in Besty

Emblem for Besty Wash Package
$23* Single Wash
$39/mo* Bubble Club
*Plus Tax

Leave feeling like brand new! Our signature Bubble Bath will deep clean your vehicle and our Bee’s Knees Wax will give you ultimate shine and protection.


+ Everything in Nifty

Emblem for Nifty Wash Package
$21* Single Wash
$36/mo* Bubble Club
*Plus Tax

Need a little boost? This package includes our Spiffy Shield to protect your vehicle and is formulated to give your car and tires a gleaming shine.


+ Everything in Thrifty

Emblem for Thrifty Wash Package
$12* Single Wash
$24/mo* Bubble Club
*Plus Tax

The perfect solution for when your car just needs a quick clean wash. At our most affordable price you'd have a clean car every day for only $24/mo.


About the Bubble Down Wesley Chapel Car Wash

Situated at 33678 State Rd 54, our Wesley Chapel car wash location is built do deliver the ultimate car wash experience. It features one 165-foot tunnel, creating a substantial space that accommodates extra equipment, ensuring a more comprehensive and rapid clean for your vehicle.

At Bubble Down Car Wash, the fusion of pioneering technology and an unyielding dedication to the customer experience crafts an unparalleled car care journey. Our commitment to harnessing the latest strides in car wash technology guarantees that each automobile undergoes a meticulous and efficient cleansing process.

Beyond pristine exteriors, our steadfast emphasis on customer experience threads through every facet, encompassing streamlined operations and warm staff interactions. We take pride in delivering not solely immaculate vehicles but also an extraordinary voyage that leaves patrons awestruck and valued.

Bubble Down Wesley Chapel Car Wash Eco-Friendly Approach

Bubble Down Car Wash adopts an innovative, eco-conscious approach. The Wesley Chapel car wash location is ingeniously outfitted to recycle water, including rainwater, for subsequent use. The collection of water in reclaim tanks is followed by purification and recycling via an advanced filtration system.

This sustainable practice empowers Bubble Down to operate with under 40 gallons of fresh water per car wash, a stark contrast to the average 140 gallons consumed during home washes.

Catering to the diverse needs of Wesley Chapel car enthusiasts, we present four tiers of wash packages commencing at $12 per wash or $24 per month for Memberships.

Dive into our array of Wash Package options and Bubble Club Memberships to discover the perfect fit for your vehicle’s pampering.

See what happy customers are saying about the Bubble Down Wesley Chapel car wash

Chad Reed

Nice and new!! It is convenient to have a car wash of this caliber on this side of the county!! The Prices and memberships seem comparable to other establishments and the results are terrific. View on Google Maps

Ms Bevel

I absolutely love the bubble down car wash. Especially this location. It's big. The car wash actually cleans your car. If you need to go through again, you can. There is no limit. If you have any issues, they will address them. I'm a member of the Bestest car wash option and I have had no problems thus far. View on Google Maps

Thomas Aycock

I absolutely love this location and it’s 2 mins from my house. Hey the bestest package that way your vehicle gets super clean. Also FREE vacuuming and air line to get the access water spots off your vehicle. Also liquid sprayer air freshener for your mats. View on Google Maps

Kelly Huston

Hands down best car wash I have ever been too. I am almost 50 and I've been gng to car washes since I was 15. My vote counts trust me however the very end vacuum has the least suction although besides that the suction was the strongest ever used!!! View on Google Maps

Chris Phan

They offer everything you need to keep your vehicle squeaky clean. They have a bug removal station, vacuums, towels, glass cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, and air blower to get all the nook and crannies. ... The tire shine is spot on. The reason why I say this is cuz I’ve been to 6 different washes and no one can get it right. They either shine some of the tires, over shine the tires and drips on the wheels, or does not shine at all. View on Google Maps

Michael Granaldi

Nice amount of space between the spots for drying. Wash itself really added a great shine to my Tesla, and the tire shine finally in a car wash works good. Staff was friendly and decided to sign up for a membership. View on Google Maps

Wesley Chapel Car Wash Process

Step 1

Self Prep

At the Wesley Chapel car wash site, a dedicated area with supplies ensures your car is cleaned of excessive bugs or dirt before entering the wash tunnels.

Step 2

Pay Stations

Upon entering the wash, you'll drive up to our pay station to select your wash package or signature products swiftly.

Step 3

Member License Plate Recognition Technology

Following the self prep area, our LPR technology scans your license plate, verifies your account, and grants access through the gate into the wash. Remember to use the Members-only lanes.

Step 4

Car Loading

Follow the guidance of Bubble Down's car loader attentively.

Step 5

Conveyor Belt

Directed by our friendly staff, place your car in neutral as the conveyor takes you through the wash tunnel.

Step 6

Car Wash Tunnel

Within the tunnel, experience various equipment, each serving a specific purpose in cleaning your car.

Step 7

Tunnel Exit

Wait for the green light at the end of the tunnel, indicating you can put your car in drive and exit. Drive cautiously as the surface might be slightly slippery.

Step 8


The Wesley Chapel car wash site offers two vacuum areas. Each spot provides access to high-powered vacuums, complimentary towels, compressed air, dash cleaner, and glass cleaner.

Step 9

Wash Happy Policy™

If your experience isn't satisfactory for any reason, please speak with the manager before leaving. We're committed to making it right and truly mean it!

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Customized packages
to save you time and money

Bubble Down offers fleet services wash packages in Wesley Chapel that can be customized to fit the needs of your business, keeping the image of your image looking clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bubble Club?

The Bubble Down Car Wash Bubble Club is a wash as much as you want subscription to all our car wash locations for one low monthly price. Get more information here.

Do I have to sign a contract to join the Bubble Club?

No, you do not have to sign a contract to join the Bubble Club. You can manage or make changes to your account anytime. Click here to manage account.

What payment methods are accepted at your locations?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Cash.

Are there any vehicles that are not recommended to be washed in your facility?

Please check with your local Bubble Down Car Wash location to see if vehicles with dual back tires, such as double-wide pickup trucks, or trailer hitches are permitted. Vehicles with tires mounted on the back may be permitted, but our team may choose to retract the brushes that touch this area to maintain the safety of your vehicle, our equipment, and other customers.

Is your car wash eco-friendly?

Yes, we believe in using resources responsibly. Each car wash uses less than 40 gallons of water and is equipped with technology to recycle rainwater for future use. Our commitment to using the best available chemicals are also environmentally safe, leaving no harmful residue behind.

Do you have free vacuums?

Yes, free vacuums are included with the purchase of a wash.

Are your products/chemicals safe for my car’s finish?

Yes, they are safe. We use a range of environmentally safe pH solutions to get your car clean.

How do I cancel my membership?

Manage your account effortlessly with two options! Click here to modify your membership online or visit your nearest Bubble Down for in-person assistance. Bubble Down offers four wash packages; upgrade or downgrade anytime, and even freeze your membership if needed.

Bubble Down Bubble Club Emblem

Bubble Club Perks

Exclusive Extras.
One Low Monthly Price.

As a Bubble Club member at the Wesley Chapel car wash location, you unlock a range of exclusive car wash extras and perks such as Members-Only Lane, Members-Only Tunnel, Free Air Fresheners, Members-Only Vacuums and Free Cleaning Supplies at Each Members-Only Vacuum.

Bubble Down Signature Products

Icon of Presoak

Presoak is a powerful chemical with a high pH level, expertly crafted to dissolve dirt and grime from your car's surface.

Available in Thrifty Package
Icon of Spiffy Shield

Our Spiffy Shield provides a protective barrier to defend your paint against damage and keep your vehicle looking brand new.

Available in Nifty Package
Icon of Sealer Wax

Sealer Wax is a remarkable bonding and coating wax crafted to fill in small dings and scratches on your car's paint surface.

Available in Nifty Package
Icon of Spot Free Rinse

Spot Free Rinse provides an additional rinse that removes any potential water spots and prepares the car for a flawless drying process.

Available in Nifty Package
Icon of Bubble Bath

A Bubble Bath for your car! Your car is blanketed in thick, sudsy foam that gently removes dirt and particles for a deep clean.

Available in Besty Package
Icon of Triple Shine Wax

Our Triple Shine Wax combines three waxes into a powerful formulation that conditions your vehicle for a brilliant shine.

Available in Besty Package
Icon of Bees Knees Wax

Our premium hot wax provides an ultra-protective layer on your vehicle to shield against environmental wear and gives you an all-over glossy shine.

Available in Besty Package
Icon of Rain Guard

This high-powered Rain Guard causes moisture to bead up and roll off your vehicle, keeping your windshield clear and spot-free.

Available in Besty Package
Icon of Buff N Shine

Our Buff 'N Shine provides that finishing touch at the end of the tunnel, brushing away excess droplets of water and gently buffing your vehicle for extra shine.

Available in Besty Package
Icon of Bubble Guard

Bubble Guard Ceramic Protection offers an added shield of defense, featuring a durable wax-based solution that surpasses the longevity of regular hot wax.

Available in Bestest Package
Icon of Graphene

Graphene excels in protection, longevity, and a flawless finish. It outperforms ceramics and wax, reducing streaks, and dissipating heat.

Available in Bestest Package

Fundraising Opportunities

Our Dedication to Making a Difference

Businesses, Bubbles, and Building Funds: Fundraising Made Simple. We are committed to serving the Wesley Chapel community, one clean car at a time!

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