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Limited Time Offer
Add an additional vehicle to your membership for only $20/mo.

Sign up is easy — Watch the video and follow the 4 easy steps below!

Sign up takes less than 2 minutes.

Step 1

Access your account by logging in through this link. If you haven't activated your account online yet, you can register by using the link above and clicking on the second tab at the top of the page labeled "Register Here."

Step 2

Once you're logged in, simply select the "Manage Tags" button.

Step 3

Scroll down to the "Additional Member Purchase" section. Toggle the "Add a New Vehicle?" slider to the "Yes" position, indicated by the green color. Next, enter your license plate number into the designated "Plate Number" field.

Step 4

Simply click the "Save" button located at the bottom of the page, and your purchase will be complete. You will then be automatically redirected to a confirmation page.

It's that easy!

You have full access to all Bubble Down sites with your extra vehicle. And don't forget, you'll only pay $20 per month for each additional vehicle, for the entire duration of your membership. This offer is valid for all membership packages.

Add a car to your membership now! → Bubba In A Car