Bestest™ Wash Package

The UNBEATABLE choice. Best-in-class treatment for your car,
delivering top-tier results that truly stand out.

Official Car Wash of the Tampa Bay Lightning and USF Bull

Official Car Wash of the Tampa Bay Lightning and USF Bulls

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$30* Single Wash
$45/mo* Bubble Club
*Plus Tax

Indulge in our BESTEST wash package, the ultimate choice for those who want to maintain their car’s pristine condition. This premium package offers a comprehensive car care experience that includes all of our signature products.

At the heart of the Bestest wash is the power of Graphene, a cutting-edge solution designed to safeguard your car’s paint, to eliminate surface-level imperfections, and to efficiently disperse heat, ensuring your vehicle remains protected in all weather conditions.

If you’re seeking the best-in-class treatment for your car in town, the Bestest wash package is your unbeatable choice, delivering top-tier results that truly stand out.


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The Bubble Down Difference

A pivotal element contributing to Bubble Down’s triumphant journey is the impressive length of our car wash tunnels. Featuring these expansive tunnels allows us to incorporate a wealth of signature equipment designed to deliver an impeccable exterior car wash. As your car progresses through our tunnel, you’ll benefit from an extended area, enabling us to employ 2–3 mammoth blowers, a buffer, and tire shine, ensuring a premium car wash experience.

Our dedication doesn’t stop there. Once your car exits the tunnel, we provide complimentary access to vacuums, along with car detailing supplies and cleaners. Notably, we’ve gone the extra mile by crafting our vacuum parking spots 1.5 times larger than standard spaces.

This thoughtful design ensures you and your neighbor can clean your cars with ample room and no interference. Recognizing the necessity of robust vacuums in Florida, we’ve invested in equipment that exceeds industry standards, guaranteeing the most powerful vacuuming experience.

To complete your visit, we offer free towels, compressed air, and glass and dash cleaners for your convenience. At Bubble Down, our eco-friendly commitment shines through, with environmentally-safe chemicals and a sustainable water usage policy.

Rest easy knowing that our process utilizes under 40 gallons of fresh water per car wash, an environmentally-conscious contrast to the typical 140-gallon usage during home car washing.

If you’re seeking a locally owned and operated car wash that truly values your car and your experience, Bubble Down Car Wash is the perfect choice. Our unwavering dedication to excellence and attention to detail ensures we offer nothing but the best for you and your vehicle.

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Bubbly Customer Experiences

Viviana Cardenas

I loved it! They have different vacuums, the cloths smells delicious and the wash is amazing!!!! Come back soon again View on Google Maps

Juan Orozco Valencia

Love it great job on cleaning I will recommend it to anyone that I know and with the way work with View on Google Maps

Charles Cardo

I received a coupon for a free wash, and was I totally impressed! The process of the car going through the wash tunnel on track was very professional and very thorough. My car looked like it was brand new when I completed the car wash. View on Google Maps

Bubble Down Signature Products

Icon of Presoak

Presoak is a powerful chemical with a high pH level, expertly crafted to dissolve dirt and grime from your car's surface.

Available in Thrifty Package
Icon of Spiffy Shield

Our Spiffy Shield provides a protective barrier to defend your paint against damage and keep your vehicle looking brand new.

Available in Nifty Package
Icon of Sealer Wax

Sealer Wax is a remarkable bonding and coating wax crafted to fill in small dings and scratches on your car's paint surface.

Available in Nifty Package
Icon of Spot Free Rinse

Spot Free Rinse provides an additional rinse that removes any potential water spots and prepares the car for a flawless drying process.

Available in Nifty Package
Icon of Bubble Bath

A Bubble Bath for your car! Your car is blanketed in thick, sudsy foam that gently removes dirt and particles for a deep clean.

Available in Besty Package
Icon of Triple Shine Wax

Our Triple Shine Wax combines three waxes into a powerful formulation that conditions your vehicle for a brilliant shine.

Available in Besty Package
Icon of Bees Knees Wax

Our premium hot wax provides an ultra-protective layer on your vehicle to shield against environmental wear and gives you an all-over glossy shine.

Available in Besty Package
Icon of Rain Guard

This high-powered Rain Guard causes moisture to bead up and roll off your vehicle, keeping your windshield clear and spot-free.

Available in Besty Package
Icon of Buff N Shine

Our Buff 'N Shine provides that finishing touch at the end of the tunnel, brushing away excess droplets of water and gently buffing your vehicle for extra shine.

Available in Besty Package
Icon of Bubble Guard

Bubble Guard Ceramic Protection offers an added shield of defense, featuring a durable wax-based solution that surpasses the longevity of regular hot wax.

Available in Bestest Package
Icon of Graphene

Graphene excels in protection, longevity, and a flawless finish. It outperforms ceramics and wax, reducing streaks, and dissipating heat.

Available in Bestest Package

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