Here's How It Works:


Bubble Down uses a water reclamation system to significantly cut down on fresh water needed to operate our car wash. Instead of the water used to clean your car being wasted, our technology allows us to recapture & recycle that water to use in future car washes.

Water from our car wash is collected in reclaim tanks. Using a filtration system, this water is then cleaned and recycled back into the car wash, minimizing the amount of fresh water needed to operate. Water that is not reused in the car wash is sent to local treatment facilities for further processing to ensure none of the soap or products enter local waterways.

Due to our water reclamation system, our car wash uses less than 40 gallons of fresh water per car wash, whereas the average wash at home can use up to 140 gallons.

When you wash at home, not only do you use a lot more water, but all of the gunk you wash from your car, such as asphalt, antifreeze, grease, engine & brake residue, oil, rust & asbestos, flow directly into the public storm drain system. This can clog storm drains, not to mention harm our wildlife and ecosystem.

Washing at Bubble Down saves you time and effort, and keeps the whales happy!


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